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Social Media Marketing

Increase brand awareness with social media marketing. Enjoy the benefits of a carefree social media campaign with a full time or part-time social media package from Mtn. Dog Media.

Looking to reach more target audience members with social media? Mtn. Dog Media offers fully curated social media marketing services. From captions to images, to community engagement, we’ll handle it all. Here are some of the profiles we’re currently managing; Altitude Snacks, Warehome Studios, Cannify, Daily Workouts App.

How does it work? First, we’ll work with you to identify general post categories for your business. These categories are populated into a 6-12 month editorial schedule. Mtn. Dog curates all of your post content in advance to allow plenty of time to exchange edits and feedback before anything goes live.


Content Marketing

Leverage an SEO-driven blog campaign with corresponding custom email newsletters to increase website traffic and organic search rankings. Start with 1, 2, or 4 custom blogs a month produced by Mtn. Dog Media.

Leverage the digital marketing strategy with the BEST ROI in the industry; content marketing! We’ll help you create original, keyword-optimized blog content and send it out to your audience with custom email marketing newsletter campaigns.

Send emails your customers will actually want to read! Our staff copywriters have years of experience writing keyword-optimized content for a variety of industries including service professionals, creative brands, holistic products, and more.

Mtn. Dog Media will help facilitate the keyword research process so you know exactly which phrases to be targeting and will draft all of your online content with a 5-10% keyword density. Content marketing allows clients to increase traffic via email marketing, social media, and search! Content Mtn. Dog Media today to learn more about our content marketing services.


SEO Copywriting

Need to produce keyword-optimized content for your website? Mtn. Dog Media’s copywriters will perform relevant staff interviews and produce a completed draft of your needed content with a 5-10% keyword density. 

Has “write website copy” been marinating on our to-do list? The professional copywriters at Mtn. Dog Media are ready to help you get the job done. Our expert team has years of experience writing website copy, custom blogs, and newsletters.

All of our content is composed with a desirable keyword density to help increase the volume of traffic arriving on your website via search.

“I am already singing your praises to a few friends I know starting new businesses. I’ll be sure to contact you if ever I need assistance with marketing,” 

Marjorie Johnson

Inspiration Massage & Bodywork