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Happy. Healthy. Productive. Planner

The first daily planner for entrepreneurs with a focus on work-life balance and mental wellness. Daily spreads for your to-do list, mental health check-ins, weekly reflection spreads, personal and business budget trackers, project management spreads, and more.

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Meaningful Marketing Data

Want to start collecting data that will help you make meaningful decisions about your marketing efforts? This template shows exactly what you need to track on a monthly basis to determine the efficacy of your digital marketing campaigns. 


How to Make a Social Media Calendar

Learn how to curate content up to a month in advance with this Social Media Calendar Workbook! We’ll walk you through the process of curating content categories, setting up a social media calendar template, populating your monthly posts, and scheduling.


Digital Marketing Sales Funnel Analysis Workbook

Use this Digital Marketing Sales Funnel Analysis Workbook to set realistic goals for social media reach, website traffic, and sales. First, we’ll walk you through the fundamental components of your digital marketing sales funnel and examine how each strategy effects brand visibility and customer engagement to ultimately drive sales conversions.


Pivot Your Business Online: Increase Revenue with Digital Marketing & Online Sales
Wednesday, October 2013 12-1:30pm
Craig Chamber of Commerce

West Slope Startup Week 2022
Details coming soon


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West Slope Startup Week 2021 Recap

West Slope Startup Week 2021 Recap

West Slope Startup Week 2021 is officially in the rearview mirror and holy cow do I have some wonderful things to look back on! On June 1st I was rocketed from Communications Track Captain to Lead Organizer just six weeks out from our event. Even having been involved...

Happy, Healthy, Productive Planner Launch

Happy, Healthy, Productive Planner Launch

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the launch of the Happy, Healthy, Productive daily planner for entrepreneurs and hard-working people. If you know me personally, you are well aware that I am a total to-do list JUNKIE! I'm a meticulous (even...

Mental Health for Hustlers July 14th

Mental Health for Hustlers July 14th

Hello all! Kayleen here, founder of Mtn. Dog Media. I started this company more than seven years ago riding a high of coffee and boundless enthusiasm. I hustled through the day and through the night for five straight years building this company into what it is today,...

“Hats off to Kayleen and the Mtn. Dog Media team!! I had a deadline I had to meet and knew nothing about what it would take. Kayleen’s positive, friendly, knowledgeable and outgoing attitude towards the whole project made it seem easy and enjoyable. Thank you!” 

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