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How to Make a Social Media Calendar

Learn how to curate content up to a month in advance with this FREE Social Media Calendar Workbook! We’ll walk you through the process of curating content categories, setting up a social media calendar template, populating your monthly posts, and scheduling.


Digital Marketing Sales Funnel Analysis Workbook

Use this Digital Marketing Sales Funnel Analysis Workbook to set realistic goals for social media reach, website traffic, and sales. First, we’ll walk you through the fundamental components of your digital marketing sales funnel and examine how each strategy effects brand visibility and customer engagement to ultimately drive sales conversions. Use the blank worksheet page to experiment with your own sales goals and determine your target reach, website traffic, and sales conversion rates.

This workbook is available as a PDF download and contains five instructional pages and a blank sales funnel worksheet with step-by-step instructions to determine your desired reach, website traffic, and sales. You will receive a link to download your PDF copy of the Digital Marketing Sales Funnel Analysis Workbook via email when you complete the checkout process.

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SEO Lecture at CU Boulder

It was such an honor speaking to Professor Warren's Writing for Business class at CU Boulder on Wednesday Feb. 15, 2017. It was our goal to show students in the professional writing program how they can leverage their writing skills in the business community with...

“Hats off to Kayleen and the Mtn. Dog Media team!! I had a deadline I had to meet and knew nothing about what it would take. Kayleen’s positive, friendly, knowledgeable and outgoing attitude towards the whole project made it seem easy and enjoyable. Thank you!” 

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