Mtn. Dog Media’s Five Favorite Logos

Apr 15, 2015Graphic Design, Portfolio

Logo design is one of my favorite aspects of being a graphic designer! They are so intensely personal to their owners, yet universally appealing. Logos are simple, powerful icons that allow us to recognize brands and businesses that we cherish (and one’s we avoid). As the lead graphic designer at Mtn. Dog Media, my logo design process gets to the core of a client’s mission, and helps bring their vision to life.

We’ve had some amazing opportunities here at Mtn. Dog Media to help some really special entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality. Here’s we’d like to recognize a few of our favorites.

#1 MadWellness

#2 S.A.S. Performance Consulting

#3 Boulder Valley Nutrition*

#4 Karen Korona

#5 Elevation Rowing

*The original concept for the Boulder Valley Nutrition logo was provided by Susan Netzel Designs.