Mtn. Dog Media teams up with The Colorado 54

Apr 28, 2014Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Mtn Dog Business

A content marketing campaign for the greater good of mankind!


Facebook ads don’t really bother me, in fact, since I manage the Facebook ad campaigns of several of our clients, they really don’t bother me. So a few Sunday’s ago when an ad popped up for The Colorado 54, I didn’t hesitate for a second before clicking through. (Good job targeting a mountain-loving, Boulderite!) Immediately I was engaged. The graphic design was killer, the event seemed daring, and the cause was clearly great. Little did I know that one double espresso later I would be shaking hands with Travis, the founder of Second Mile Water and creator of The Colorado 54.

So wait, What is The Colorado 54?

For those of us that have fourteeners on our to-do list this summer, The Colorado 54 is a way to check that off the list, while raising funds to bring permanent clean water to five Nicaraguan communities. We’re challenging teams from across the state to ascend every 14er in a 24 hours timespan. Participants are responsible for crowdfunding $450, enough to provide clean water for 2 Nicaraguan families.

What is Mtn. Dog Media doing for The Colorado 54?

Aside from being extremely excited, Mtn. Dog Media is going to be managing an aggressive content marketing campaign for The Colorado 54. We’re going to be talking to outdoor experts from all over the state for a series of weekly informative blogs on gear, training, and narratives on Colorado’s famed peaks. Our first post, Training for a Fourteener Like a Pro, went live this Monday following an awesome interview with alpine trainer, Kris Peters.

How Can you Help?

Mtn. Dog Media is going to be putting together a team to participate in The Colorado 54 and we’re going to need your support! Stay tuned for details on supporting our team and doing your part (from wherever you are) to help end water poverty. And don’t forget to “like” The Colorado 54 on Facebook and check out our blog posts all summer long!