Heather’s Choice Meals for Adventuring

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A Destined Partnership


Our relationship with Heather’s Choice pre-dates the start of the company in 2014. Heather put a package in my hand during a meeting at a coffee shop and asked, “What do you think?” The wrapper was a black coffee bag, cut in half to fit two coconut cookies. The label was handwritten with a scrawling mountain range across the front; “Spiced Cocoa Packaroons”.

After field testing my first batch of Packaroons, I was hooked. Mtn. Dog Media helped Heather’s Choice launch with a successful Kickstarter campaign in the fall of 2015. From there we spent a year designing the new packaging for all of the products. Mtn. Dog Media hand-traced 18 individual topographic maps for the custom backgrounds on each package. This was our first consumer packaged good project!

In 2017 Mtn. Dog Media founder, Kayleen Cohen, spent 30 days on the Appalachian Trail and ate almost exclusively Heather’s Choice, becoming an official addict. Upon her return in fall of 2017, Mtn. Dog Media took over as marketing coordinator for Heather’s Choice; facilitating daily social media campaign management, weekly newsletters, monthly blogs, and so much more!

Custom Packaging Design

18 Unique Products. Hand-Traced Topographic Maps.

Print & Digital Graphic Design

Wholesale Materials, POP Displays & More

24 page wholesale catalog

94 page ebook

15 slide pitch deck

MARKETING STATS (9/17 – 5/19):

Website traffic on Heatherschoice.com increased by 60%

The Heather’s Choice social media audience increased by 240%

Blog readership increased by 534%


“I can’t say enough good things about Kayleen. She is timely, diligent, thorough, responsive and oh so patient. Thanks to the many years she’s put in with us, our brand is current, attractive and beautifully simple. I have always been able to count on Kayleen for anything from graphic design, to website updates, to content marketing and beyond. You will love working with her!”

Heather Kelly