Happy, Healthy, Productive Daily Planner for Entrepreneurs

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the launch of the Happy, Healthy, Productive daily planner for entrepreneurs and hard-working people. If you know me personally, you are well aware that I am a total to-do list JUNKIE! I’m a meticulous (even obsessive) list maker. Whether I’m planning my work tasks or prepping for a camping trip—you can bet I’ve made a list! After testing nearly every planner known to man I decided nothing was quite a perfect fit for me. So of course, I had to make my perfect planner, and now I want to share it with you! Each of these spreads was hand-crafted by yours truly to help promote your mental and physical wellbeing and productivity!

Happy. Healthy. Productive.

Each component of this planner is designed to facilitate your happiness, healthiness, and productivity. The daily, weekly, and monthly reflections are designed to help you tune into your mental health, and personal and professional development. Start each day with intention and end each day with a gratitude practice.

Use the meal planner box to stay healthy! Plan meals in advance to hold yourself accountable to eating three meals a day. I don’t know about you, but if there isn’t a check box next to the word “lunch” on my to-do list, I won’t eat it!

Most importantly, the productivity section of the planner is designed to help you achieve work-life balance (hence the yin yang symbol)! List your work tasks on the left and personal activities on the right. I’ve also provided some suggestions toward the bottom of each daily template to stimulate your professional and personal development. Click here to watch a video introduction on YouTube to learn more about the individual layouts and spreads.


Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reflections

Mental health has become one of my personal passions over the last few years and is something that I think is especially important for small business owners and hard-working people. The daily, weekly, and monthly reflections spreads are designed to help you stay connected to your mental health status and needs while also fostering personal and professional development. 

Client / Project Management Spreads

Use the monthly client / project management spread to organize all of your on-going projects. This layout helps you track gross revenue, your monthly expense budget, projects, meetings, income, self-promotions, learning goals, networking, and leads. I use this template as my monthly dashboard for all of my Mtn. Dog Media clients and projects. 

project management planner

Daily Template for Work-Life Balance

The daily template is designed to help promote a work-life balance. (Easier said than done, right?!) I use this template to separate my work tasks and personal tasks. And remember, you can’t check every box! There probably will be a few things left unchecked at the end of each day. Just bump those things along to tomorrow! Use the morning and evening reflection areas to get in touch with your mental wellbeing and assess your needs and priorities for the day. And of course, there’s a gratitude box at the bottom of each page! Write things down throughout the day that you are grateful for! 

Personal & Business Budget Trackers

I’m a huge budget fanatic! For years I’ve closely monitored my personal budget to help me accomplish my savings goals. This budget tracker template allows me to get a quick view of my finances at the beginning and end of each month, as well as to categorize each of my transactions.

Use your Profit & Loss statement to determine your business budget categories. Start tracking your business budget on a monthly basis to make sure you’re not exceeding your expense budget!


Now Taking Online Orders

Order your copy of the Happy, Healthy, Productive planner for just $30 +shipping. Each planner includes 98 pages, is spiral bound, and conveniently sized at 5.5″ x 8.5″.