Creating SMART Goals

Oct 9, 2014Digital Marketing

Tracking & Accomplishing Goals

If you’re like me, then you are probably constantly setting new professional and personal goals for yourself; in the shower, dancing to your favorite tunes in the car, in twirling around in your desk chair, inspiration can strike anywhere! Don’t let good goals get away from you. Stay dedicated to your ideas and your inspiration by making sure that you are setting realistic and manageable goals.

While pursuing my own goal of becoming a better manager, I learned about setting SMART business goals. Specific. Measurable. Action-Oriented. Realistic. Timely.

Creating SMART goals helped me evaluate some of my current aspirations. Instead of working towards a three month goal to ‘become a better manager’ I decided to hone in on learning more about project management and developing a performance tracking system for Mtn. Dog Media. What SMART goals would you create?

To aid you with your journey, I created a SMART Goal Tracking Sheet setup to help you identify necessary accomplishments, as well as learning and self-improvement goals. Click the image to download your own printable SMART Goal Tracking Sheet and comment below to share what your first SMART Goal is going to be!

DOWNLOAD YOUR SMART GOAL TRACKING SHEET (horizontal and vertical options)