Kayleen Cohen Copywriting Samples

Industry: Finance/Investing (Blog) Remote Work Spurs 14-23 Million US Households to Move

Industry: Finance/Investing (Blog) Opportunity Zone Impact Reporting Frameworks

Industry: Finance/Investing (Blog) Tools for Success in Rural Markets

Industry: Financing/Brewing (Blog) How to Finance Craft Brewery Equipment

Industry: Financing/Brewing (Blog) One Page FInancing Application for up to $250K

Industry: Entrepreneurship (Blog) Time Tracking Tips for Entrepreneurs

Industry: Entrepreneurship (Blog) 10 Small Business Goals for the New Year

Industry: Economic Development (Blog) The Evolution of Western Colorado’s Startup Ecosystem

Industry: Health (Blog) The Fundamentals of Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Industry: Health (Blog) The Value of Lab Testing for Sports Performance & Recovery

Industry: Health (Blog) Evaluating Lower Body Injuries with a Chiropractor

Industry: Holistic Health (Blog) Organic Foot Care Products

Industry: Holistic Health (Blog) Thanksgiving Wild Edibles Guide

Industry: Holistic Health (Blog) Essential Oil Spray

Industry: Healthcare (Blog) How Tear Hyperosmolarity and Other Factors Cause Dry Eye 

Industry: Healthcare (Blog) The 4 Stages of Dry Eye Disease 

Industry: Lodging/Hospitality (Blog) Colorado Destination Mountain Wedding 

Industry: Lodging/Hospitality (Blog) Corporate Retreat Steamboat 

Industry: Tech (Blog) 7 Questions to Ask a New Internet Service Provider

Industry: Tech (Blog) 5 Reasons Why Your Internet Could be Slow 

Industry: Tech (Blog) Small Business Network Security Best Practices 

Industry: Destination Marketing (Blog) 6 Ways to Celebrate Fall in Steamboat Springs 

Industry: Destination Marketing (Blog) A Soakers Guide to Steamboat Hot Springs 

Industry: Destination Marketing/Outdoor (Blog) Practicing Leave No Trace 

Industry: Destination Marketing/Outdoor (Blog) A Visitor’s Guide to Steamboat Wildlife 

Industry: CBD/Hemp (Blog) Boost Your Workout with CBD 

Industry: CBD/Hemp (Blog) Recovering from Sports Injuries Using CBD 

Website SEO Copywriting Samples:

Industry: Services – Plumbing (Website copy) Mayfieldplumbingboulder.com

Industry: Services – Restoration (Website copy) Marbleshine.com

Industry: Manufacturing (Blogs and website copy): Wobblewedges.com 

Industry: Healthcare – Dental (Website copy and blogs): Boulderdentalarts.com

Industry: Tech Support (Website copy and blogs): TruenorthIT.com

Industry: Legal (Website copy): https://www.browncounsel.com/

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Industry: Finance BQ Funds Weekly Newsletter June ’21

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Industry: Lodging/Hospitality BVE Estate Monthly Newsletter May ’21

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Industry: Lodging/Hospitality BVE Estate Monthly Newsletter August ’21

Kayleen Cohen – 10+ Years Professional Copywriter

My name is Kayleen Cohen and I’m the founder of Mtn. Dog Media, a digital marketing agency based out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. For more than 8 years I have provided SEO and copywriting services to businesses and brands across a variety of industries. I specialize in drafting keyword-rich text for website landing pages and blogs. 

Scope of work: As your professional copywriter, I will facilitate keyword research and competitive analysis for your brand, then create keyword-rich content to help increase your organic search rankings and website traffic volume. All content is delivered with a minimum of 5% keyword density. Blogs are well researched, include inbound and outbound links, delivered at a minimum of 600 words, and include meta title and meta description suggestions.


Area of expertise: I have worked with businesses representing an enormous variety of industries; from craft breweries to plumbers, healthcare businesses, coaches, corporations, and more. My comprehensive research process includes getting to know your industry, your competitors, and your voice. Industries in which I have specific experience include:

-Fitness/Nutrition Coaching
-Health Foods
-Healthcare (Including; Dentistry, Eye Care, Pain Relief)
-Herbal/Holistic (Products/Services)
-Manufacturing (Products/Materials)
-Outdoor Recreation (Products/Lifestyle)
-Real Estate
-Services (Including; Painting, Plumbing, Restoration, Home Security)

I look forward to working together to help you achieve your content marketing goals.