A big thank you to Alex Kaye of Rose Garden Consulting for joining us for a little Friday morning coffee and convo about sales and digital marketing. Alex and I have been acquaintances and professional colleagues for more than seven years having met via a mutual friend in Boulder, Colorado. It was during a conversation with Mtn. Dog Media at Upslope Brewing Company that Alex realized his passion for helping entrepreneurs refine their sales process. Funny enough, it was actually during a conversation with another member of this friend group that I became inspired to start Mtn. Dog Media. (What an inspirational SUPER GROUP!!)

Creating a Sales Process or Sales Funnel:

In this video conversation, Alex and I discuss how to develop a sales process or sales funnel. We’re asking small business owners to start at the bottom of the funnel. “How can you motivate people past that fear or indecision?” Alex asks. This is where we can examine the messaging and experience helping to convert your customers at the bottom of the sales funnel. Map out the sales process for your customers, from ignorance to conversion, and identify the messaging and marketing mechanisms in play along the way. For more check out Mtn. Dog Media’s Digital Marketing Sales Funnel Analysis Workbook!

Messaging To Address Your Customer’s Needs:

How can you craft a message that truly resonates with your audience and guides users through your sales process? Start with your WHY! What are your customer’s pain points? And how does your product or service solve that problem? Identifying your target customer personas will help you craft more specific, targeted messaging for your marketing collateral. Refining your customer personas will define how you craft your messaging. “If you speak to everyone, you speak to no one,” –Seth Godin tells us. You want to speak to the most specific possible target audience to allow your message to resonate and be truly persuasive.

Email Marketing to Stay Top of Mind

Both pros agree that email marketing is on the rebound and one of the most effective forms of marketing communication. Email marketing allows us to stay top of mind with our customers and remind them of promotional offers and nudge them along the sales process. If you haven’t already, take a look at your list of email contacts. How can you chunk your list of contacts into more specific subgroups for extra-effective targeted email marketing campaigns? Start mapping out the email marketing experience for the customer personas you identified above.

Get Organized!

What is the number one struggle I’m seeing amongst my digital marketing clients? A lack of organization! Most of the small business owners I meet are capable of posting occasionally on social media, send out a newsletter here and there, and even have an inclination that they should be writing blogs. But there’s no method to the madness! Make yourself a social media calendar. Organize your blog topics to help you accomplish your SEO goals. And structure out your newsletter campaigns to help support your promotions and sales goals.

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