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My name is Kayleen Cohen, and like you, I’m a small business owner. I founded Mtn. Dog Media in the spring of 2013 to help myself and other aspiring entrepreneurs create successful, lifestyle-driven businesses. I firmly believe that using the plethora of digital marketing tools available (social media, newsletters, blogs, etc) we can build thriving online business that support our professional and personal goals.

Mtn. Dog Media has provided digital marketing services to more than 150 businesses throughout Colorado and across the United States from Anchorage to Atlanta. The Mtn. Dog pack is comprised of a small team of dedicated digital marketing professionals, headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Our Startup Story: From Foodservice to Freelance


I really felt like I hit rock bottom when I took a job as a full-time barista less than a year after graduating college with an English + Journalism double major. My fellow coffee crew-woman felt the same way. What were we doing with all of these creative skills working at a coffee shop? So we started “night school”. Meeting after our coffee shop shifts to teach ourselves valuable online skills; like writing keyword rich blog posts and interpreting engagement behaviors on Google Analytics.

Bragging about our accomplishments at the coffee shops earned us our first few clients. Then a few more. And then a few more! Twelve months later I was out of the coffee shop and working full time for Mtn. Dog Media. (And we still get client referrals from that coffee shop today!) Being a part of the Boulder, CO startup scene was essential to our success and I will be forever grateful to that community. 

“Hats off to Kayleen and the Mtn. Dog Media team!! I had a deadline I had to meet and knew nothing about what it would take. Kayleen’s positive, friendly, knowledgeable and outgoing attitude towards the whole project made it seem easy and enjoyable. Thank you!” 

Sean Mayfield

Mayfield Plumbing

Kayleen Cohen

Founder, Designer & Digital Marketing Specialist

Yearbooks. It all began with YEARBOOKS! In high school I discovered a passion for journalism that all started with yearbooks; writing, designing, editing, managing. Funny that these are still the skills I’m using most passionately today to manage client projects, our humble team, and run this small business.

I started Mtn. Dog Media as a way to share my passion for content and storytelling with the community. It brings me immense joy to help other small business owners make their dreams a reality, whether you’re a client or a student in one of my workshops!

When I’m not working, I’m walking Hazey (the namesake Mtn. Dog), throwing pottery in the ceramics studio, or tending to my army of house plants. Are you in Steamboat Springs? Let’s grab coffee!


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